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Best Thing I Never Had – Beyoncé

28 Jul

Upgrade U: Beyoncé's latest single, deemed an improvement over Girls.

Sometimes (very regularly), I make mistakes. In my Eff, Marry or Kill: Summer Music Edition post, I claimed we should kill Beyoncé’s Girls (That Run The World), calling it ‘overblown, overhyped and overly experimental.’ Yeesh, what was my problem? While it’s not a classic, I now appreciate what Beyoncé was trying to do and experimental is good in pop music! Take back everything I say Miss Knowles and please carry on*. I do however have a problem with songs that have brackets in them, they’re pointless (unnecessary, vacuous, meaningless). Before I move onto 4, I wanted to share my favourite Beyoncé single with you guys, please share yours in the comments! It’s from B’day and is the awesome Upgrade U, featuring Beyoncé at her best:

As you might have guessed, I’ve had a bit of a Beyoncé epiphany since my last post. I still maintain that B’day was her highlight, but I’m really looking forward to giving 4 a proper listen once I’m home in London. I find it far more enjoyable to listen to albums than singles and from the reviews, 4 seems intriguing. It’s easy to forget just how weird a singer Beyonce is, although Rolling Stone reminded me in their review. Sometimes, her crazy awesome voice makes you forget her little indiosyncracies that made her such a prominent member of Destiny’s Child (although we shouldn’t forget that Kelly Rowland’s latest single, Motivation sold far more records than Girls). From what I can tell from Best Thing I Never Had, Beyoncé seems to be more, well… Beyoncé (that’s its own adjective, right?). As many of the YouTube commenters note, this is a far stronger single. Far more commercial anyway. As far as break-up songs go, it’s nice. Okay, it isn’t Irreplaceable (a B’day alumnus), ‘sucks to be you right now’ doesn’t live up to ‘to the left, to the left.’ And I have a slight problem with:

You showed your ass and I saw the real you

But this is Beyoncé, and as a recent convert, I’ll take it. Once I buy the album, I’ll do a review for the blog (there’s little else to do on plane journeys afterall.) Here’s the video:

* I say this with the complete delusion that the awesome Beyoncé cares what I, or anyone thinks.