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Grand Optimist (Live) – City and Colour

11 Jul

Colour! But no city.

I stumbled on this while trawling through live YouTube videos (it’s no surprise that this is coming after yesterday’s post . . .) and was amazed. I’ve liked City and Colour for a long time but this live session confirms that. It’s heartfelt but not overwrought. A perfect mix of sentimentality and restraint. Take a listen and check out the live cover of Fragile Bird after the jumppedy jump:

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Tongue Tied (Live) – Grouplove

10 Jul


We have a serious love of Grouplove at the blog and it’s not surprising that they crop up so regularly in summer months. Their album is tailor made for scorching summer days with your mates, cruising across America or chilling on a beach. They speak to teendom (slumber parties, getting high) and the allure of summer (check out their video for ‘Spun’). Here’s a live session of my favourite of their songs, Tongue Tied. It’s perfect and amazing to see just how much fun they’re having:

Will Justin Bieber Ever Achieve That Number One?

6 Jul

‘Baby, baby, baby, where’s my number one?’

We live in a strange, strange world. The most followed people on Twitter are all pop stars. Okay, that’s not that strange (and I find it pretty heartening). What is strange, though is that the most followed, Lady GaGa (twenty six million) has three and the third most followed, Katy Perry (twenty two million) has seven. Sandwiched between these two leading ladies of pop is Justin Bieber who has . . . no number one singles. Okay, that’s hardly the end of the world, he has a handful (Boyfriend, Baby and Never Say Never) that have reached top ten and even more number one albums and he still has 24,250,060 more followers on twitter than me. But that astounding success makes his failure to achieve a number one single even more startling. That his tutee, Carly Rae, has run around at number one with Call Me Maybe for a few weeks now makes that even more dramatic (in the world I’m speaking about anyway). That little introduction was all to say, read this article by Chris Molanphy from the Village Voice. It’s both insightful and compelling and adds a layer of nuance that the Billboard 100 isn’t often granted. 

It’s a detailed look into the world of Hot 100 pop that paints a more ambiguous picture than previously imagined. Seriously. And if there were ever a single to reach number one, I wish it has been Boyfriend. It’s just a really sophisticated track. Listen below and throw away any reductive, pre-conceived ideas you had about Justin Bieber now, please: 

A Career Retropspective Of This Katy Perry Thing

5 Jul

I made a collage. And I liked it. Seriously, I love a collage.

I’m leaving on vacation tomorrow! I’ll be back the end of July and then for three weeks in August. I’m away but never truly gone (seriously, I have posts lined up). Anyway, today is also a good day because a) it’s Thursday! and b) it’s (one of) our artists of 2011’s film premiere. Katy Perry’s Part of Me opens today and I’m heading to learn about the path to super stardom with my sister. I’m super pumped which, given some of these descriptions, isn’t surprising. Quite simply, I think Perry’s one of the most intelligent, inspiring and unique singer-songwriters of our generation. Let’s check out some of these tunes, shall we?

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Del Rey’s Anthemic New Video

27 Jun


National Anthem is one of my favourite songs from Born To Die and it’s ace to see that it has a video/ is being released as a single. The video is  . . . ambitious. It’s seven minutes long, suitably presidential and Del Rey smoulders throughout. Man, those fireworks are perfection over the introduction. Check it out after the jump:

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We Like To Stare – Aztecs

27 Jun

I actually heard about this song long ago, but couldn’t find anywhere to download it, so I had to contact the band personally and ask for it so I could write about it. Since then, things have been made much easier, and there is a free download link available (which I will grant you later in the post), but for now, read about the exciting talent that is Aztecs.

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