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Stay Gold (AraabMuzik, Danny Brown remix) – The Big Pink

8 Jan

Previously I had commented that Big Pink’s Stay Gold  had something obviously missing and positively rejoiced when I heard Hit The Ground. Well, fear no more, for this remix by AraabMuzik and Danny Brown (A remix within a remix? Remixception? You bet) fills what was once an empty track, peppering in catchy, Gambino-esque rap lyrics:

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I’m On One (Piano Remix) – Bei Maejor

15 Sep

Really sorry for the lack of posting, but me and the others are just being bombarded with tidal waves of work, and so it’s really tough to find the time some days. I’ll keep it short and sweet today and leave you with a little tune I’ve been enjoying over the past week. Bei Maejor covers Drake with his piano-based cover of I’m On One. Enjoy:

Pretty Lights @ CAMP (London)

11 Aug

For those of our readers the other side of the Atlantic, Pretty Lights is a reasonably well-known name on the electric music scene, inspired by a Pink Floyd concert poster that read “Come and watch the pretty lights!” A name able to command a festival crowd such as Coachella and Bonnaroo, and fill clubs. With his popularity soaring stateside he has turned his attention to the UK, something that got us all rather excited over here at Can You Hear This, as most of us are long term fans of Derek Vincent Smith, the man behind Pretty Lights. So you can imagine we had to seize the chance when invited to go to his gig at CAMP in London.

In a basement of the City Arts & Music Project, there is the throb of excitement and anticipation surrounding the arrival of Pretty Lights. I’m circled by a collection of people trickling in from the street outside. There is strong presence of young American fans, one rather loud and boisterous that assures me that “this is going to be awesome!” He’s a student from the states, who was a follower of Pretty Lights over there and like myself is seizing this chance to see him on the London music scene. He’s started telling me his life story almost relating it to the Colorado musician’s rise. By the time he’s explained how he’s currently living in Kensington, I’m watching a dance off between several other excited, avid followers. The atmosphere is far past buzzing and into some further state of anticipation.

Then the man himself walked up to the array of electronics on stage, hooded and ready to go. The room exploded. Derek Vincent Smith is a man who understands music. He seems to have a natural comprehension of how it works, and he doesn’t so much play the instrument but simply allows it to amplify the movements in his body. The sound is seamless, capturing the beat and the tune perfectly. Not a word has so far been sampled in his tracks and you are aware that you’ve been caught up in it all and swept along. There was no amazing light show that is often synonymous with Pretty Light shows, but there was no need.

As you can imagine and hear from much of Pretty Lights’ music, he takes inspiration from a very wide spectrum of sounds, sampling from all genres and doing so with flawless style. I would ask anyone to check out his tour dates and download his music (he notoriously gives it out for free on his website) because if the show here in London was anything to go by, the UK will be taken by storm by this young artist.


Holidays (Miami Horror & Cassian Remix) – Miami Horror

30 Jul

Here’s an awesome awesome awesome (that’s right) remix of Miami Horror’s already brilliant song Holidays. Cassian joined in and made this one an excellent summer jam. I recommend this on a long car journey or road trip. It will definitely make the time pass faster and put you in an great mood:

Hope you’re all having a great summer!

Say Yes (Kahn Remix) – Floetry

29 May

Here’s a relaxing track for a Sunday. Kahn’s remix of Floetry’s Say Yes is a 5 minute masterpiece. The track starts to really get going after about 30 seconds, and then starts to get REALLY nice after about a minute and a half. Well worth the wait in my opinion.

Another great thing about this song is that you can download it absolutely free of charge by clicking here. So just put it on… And drift off…

Marriage (Baths Remix) – Gold Panda

10 May

With exams looming for us writers, it’s going to get harder and harder for us to give you new music each day, but when something stands out, you can guarantee we’ll do our best. This song just had to go up. It’s on Gold Panda’s Marriage EP which came out on the final day of February this year. Just take a listen, and get lost in it:

It’s just one of those songs that can relax you in a way that only this kind of electronic can manage to. If you were stressed before, I hope you’re better. If you were sad, I hope you’re at least a little happier. This song is one of many that’s helping me get through the tough beginning-of-summer period. Here’s a cool video on Gold Panda also:

Stop & Stare (Bastille Remix) – Fenech-Soler

9 May

First remix I’m going to put up and it is a cracker. Bastille is one of my favourite bands of 2011 so far, producing some truly memorable pop songs. Fenech-Soler are a British electronic band who released a damn good debut album last year. Together the two have come up with something great. Due to band illness, the group aren’t touring right now but this should make up for it for now!

The remix of Stop & Stare (not the One Republic song…) comes together to sound a bit like Bloc Party and a lot like something awesome. Soaring chorus vocals and nippy synthy lines make this a song that’s sure to leave a permanent mark on your brain for the next couple days. The original of the song has pretty awesome video too so take a look.

Fireworks (Deadboy Remix) – Drake

7 Apr

Been a while since we’ve posted a remix, and hopefully this will make up for that. Deadboy’s revamp of Drake’s song Fireworks (which also features Alicia Keys) is absolutely stunningly good. Recently I’ve taken a little break from the depths of electronic stuff, but I’ll tell you what, this song makes it feel awesome to be back. It was only released on vinyl, so you may have a bit of difficulty getting hold of it, but if you shoot us an email, we should be able to sort you out.

I’ll admit straight away that I’m not the biggest fan of Drake, and as you’ll notice if you listen, Deadboy basically only uses Alicia Keys’ vocals and just cuts Drake out of the song completely. Fair enough. I’m not complaining when you produce something as good as this. I love the part the piano plays and I also love when the song feels deeper at the very end. Truly truly beautiful.

Something – Bambu

27 Mar

Just walked off the plane in Washington a couple of hours ago and thought I’d give you something I’ve been listening to lately. Released during Women’s History Month, Bambu’s Something is an emotional number that addresses issues such as domestic violence. For me the thing that makes Bambu’s music so good is his ability to evoke emotion, so take a listen to this one:

You probably noticed Adele’s beautiful voice shining through on this track. It would be more accurate to say that this song is Adele’s Someone Like You featuring Bambu, but it is what it is, and in reality it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that they have produced something awesome.

Escape From Tha Carter – SP-33

30 Jan

Here’s something pretty cool if your a fan of Lil Wayne. SP-33 has created a project called Escape From Tha Carter using samples from Escape From New York to remix Weezy’s tracks. In an attempt to create darker, more edgy hip-hop, SP-33’s songs seem to surround the listener and echo in the eardrums.We think it’s pretty cool over here, so it might be worth you checking it out if it sounds like your cuppa tea. For more info and to download the whole thing for free, go to SP-33’s website.