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Facedown – The 1975

26 Jun

Lead singer of The 1975, Matt Healy

It’s finally starting. The 1975 are beginning their inevitable road to huge success (here’s hoping).

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Arcadia – Fairchild Republic

22 Jun

Ah to be free. Well not yet but almost so I figure I might as well get back to writing about music and not working.

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Daphne – Lia Ices

21 Jun

Lia Ices: I went through every ice cream jokes I could think of and ruled every single one out.

This one’s coming at you from Girls again. Love Is Won (below) was featured in the fade out/credits of the penultimate episode and suited the mood perfectly. It could have worked at the end of the season finale too. Anyway, Lia Ices is/has about to explode/exploded with her new album, Grown Unknown which is fantastic. If you liked The xx, you’ll like her. Listen to Love Is Won and check out DAphne after the jump. And thank Girls later. 

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California – Delta Spirit

20 Jun

That’s the (Delta) Spirit

This is probably one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in a while. And look, I know I say that almost every post but I really mean it this time. And in my search for the perfect summer song (they don’t exist, but collect hazily under an umbrella of chirp and Top 40), this hit the sweet spot. But what makes Delta Spirit’s California so brazenly brilliant is that it subverts the cliched subject of California so effortlessly. Listen, learn to love and enjoy a truly fantastic video. All after the jump.

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Illuminated – Hurts

18 Jun

Shazam isn’t as good as me. FACT.

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An Ode To JJ – Darren Vincent

13 Jun

Ah, Wednesday. Or ‘lo-fi-quirk-folk-pop’ as we’ve renamed it at Can You Hear This. Darren Vincent is a singer-songwriter from Glasgow who, luckily for us, specialises in that. And you know, that’s quite a good thing. Things have conpsired to be a bit too exciting recently. I’ve just had my last ever History paper and Latin shall be (sadly) written off soon. And in the world of politics, too! How surprised I was to read in The Times about a potential split between Church and State over my breakfast. Whatever your opinion, make your voice heard over here. And if you want a whistle-top tour of homophobia in pop music, here are our thoughts. Anyway, the point I’m trying to make (and it was laboured) is that things move quickly and sometimes it’s nice to take a break (though not particularly from the battle of equality, readers) and sink into the world of ‘lo-fi-quirk-folk-pop.’ Mr Vincent provides us with just that after the jump. Leave your troubles here, readers:

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Chocolate – The 1975

13 Jun

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Streets In The Sky – The Enemy

8 Jun

The Enemy, after one great album (We’ll Live and Die in These Towns) and one really not so great (Music for the People) are back for the third time after four years. Find out if they rediscovered their magic after the jump. Continue reading

Spirit Party – Airship

6 Jun

So I’m going to struggle to write of the next two to three weeks. Expect two to three posts each week. They’ll be good though so don’t worry!

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Interview: Stomacher

5 Jun

Disgusting word – great band

We reviewed Stomacher’s awesome third album last week. Today we have an interview with the massively talented, San Francisco indie rock band.

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