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Def Jam Poetry – Talib Kweli

10 Jul

In a turn from my previous acoustic, folk style posts, I thought I’d delve into my Hip Hop genre here. A friend of mine this week told me that I “shouldn’t listen to hip hop, as you can’t relate to this gangsta lifestyle.” This led to a fairly heated debate (mainly down to him disrespecting my gangsta lifestyle) but mainly because I don’t agree with that. That in mind, this gem from Kweli I think can be related to by anybody who gives it a listen.

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Freaks & Geeks – Childish Gambino

1 Jun

As I mentioned on Wednesday, hip hip typically is not my thing. But, once again thanks to Community, I’m listening to an awful lot of it at the minute. Find out who after the jump (unless you read the post title..). Continue reading

Going Crazy – The Paparazzi Kids (That Song Chang Dances To!)

30 May

I’ve watched an awful lot of Community in my time off. This is probably the third run through. If more of you were like me, Dan Harmon would probably still be in his job (Shame on you!).

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