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Snow Drift Love – Becoming Real (D/R/U/G/S Low Revolution remix)

23 Apr

You remember my Archive series? I was enjoying my little ride there, but unfortunately that had to be cancelled prematurely. Orders from the top you see, confidential stuff, all hush-hush. With that interlude over, let’s segue into this actual content: when you get Becoming Real and D/R/U/G/S on one track you know there’s going to be an upbeat ball of awesome:

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Heaven – The Walkmen

22 Apr

And as the circular prophecy continues, with this post I’m now swinging back into the indie rock side of the rock-dreampop spectrum that I adore so much. This particular track looks to be blowing up (32,000 plays in 7 days alone), and so is definitely one to watch out for! The eternal vocal call-to-arms resounds pleasingly – Remember, remember all we fight for:

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Sandalwood, Sirens – Eppard

21 Apr

I’ve quickly realised that I will often oscillate between slightly dreamy and slightly rocky, with shades of music in-between; I guess that’s my sort of scene then? Haha. Anyway, it looks like I’m in a big dream-esque, grandiose phase in terms of music listening at the moment, so here is some nice chillwave from Eppard:

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Tereza – Trails and Ways

20 Apr

I don’t like the Wanted as much as my fellow colleagues, it seems…So something suitably anti-Wanted? You bet! I have a secret fondness for general trivia, including stuff like being bilingual. Having said that, I think its super awesome that Trails and Ways’ latest album offering, Trilingual, in English, Spanish and Portuguese! Check out the first dreamy track below:

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Where Have You Gone – Carousel

5 Apr

A happy coincidence indeed that this particular song title is suitably meta-textual, as I haven’t been posting for a bit. But with the onset of April, after equal amounts of soul-searching and movie watching, it’s time to continue on my merry way of sharing new music. I’d like to think of my 2 week break as Hank Moody-esque (à la Californication, Season 1), but indeed that is a mere fantasy. Ramblings aside, here’s a very mellow track from Carousel:

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Someone Purer – Mystery Jets

16 Mar

And so, to the second part of the English-indie postings, following on from Standard Fare (here), but this time moving on towards recognisability. Three albums in, and 8 years later, the band are working on their fourth album Radlands. Alas, compared to the upbeat electro feel of their last album, Serotonin, this song feels much more like a traditional return to their roots, but all the while keeping that up-tempo feel:

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Archive 3: Surface – Teen Daze

7 Mar

Need something chilled to brace yourself for the mid-week slump? Guess it’s time to riffle through the archives again and produce this gem of a track from a dusty place! With a very trippy video background, the hazy sound of Teen Daze will zen you out:

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Call Me Up – Standard Fare

29 Feb

This has been in the works for far too long, as I had completely forgot that I had started on this post, only to see it sneak up in my drafts! So, without further ado, here comes a bit of encroachment on Michael’s UK-indie territory with Standard Fare, a lovely trio from Sheffield:

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Puppets – Man Without Country

22 Feb

It’s amazing how refreshing a week of Alpine skiing can be, how enlightening it is to take a break from the status quo and just get out there…and do. Having said that, I’m heartily looking forward to the school/university transition that creeps closer with every day, and the liberation that will bring.

Keeping on that theme, here is a delightful single by Man Without Country, the same people who brought out killer 2011 remixes of M83, Active Child & Moby (all found here):

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Archive 2: Bang! – The Raveonettes

7 Feb

Ah, so the song that started off my musical blogging journey. Twas a snowy night in 2009, when Noah posted this song on our Tumblr and kickstarted our blog, back in simpler (read: less work) times. And, to be frank, it is the perfect nostalgia track:

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