Idea of Happiness – Van She

9 Jul

Had to pry myself away from that unbelievable Wimbledon final yesterday in order to bring you this, so please feel special. Here’s a colourful summer tune that you can blast while chilling out and drinking Corona (my favorite).

As this song so rightly says, time does keep ticking away. That’s why it kind of reminds me of the summer: because all the days kind of blend together. For example, I thought yesterday was Wednesday. It wasn’t. It was Sunday.

Isn’t it great? I would also recommend watching the video. It’s not your everyday Chris-Brown-dancing-topless-and-alone-in-the-desert-but-seemingly-unconcerned-by-the-lack-of-surrounding-humanity type video.

And finally, if you’re also sad that Andy Murray lost, then here:

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