Checking in on the iTunes chart: Part Two

3 Jul

Upgrade your cell plan, already.

Howdy, howdy. They say that in summer time, a music listener’s heart turns to pop. Okay, they don’t say that but for the purpose of this article: They do. A while ago, I checked in on the iTunes chart for some rigorous analysis (read: six bullet points) but it was fun! Right? Well our stats for that day certainly say it was so let’s delve into those murky depths once more!

1) Well, Chris Brown is still in the charts. Only this time, he’s at number one with Don’t Wake Me Up. Because an aggressively named, imperative pop song is exactly what his image needs. It’s undeniably efficient as a pop tune and you’ll probably be hearing a lot of it. And it’s testament to the collective forgetfulness of the masses! Horrah!

2) It’s everyone’s favourite Pea! He’s (was?)  a judge on The Voice UK! This is love-ly! It’s or as my dad calls him, It’s a sophisticated entry from number two.

3) It’s one of my favourite bands ever at number three! Which is something I didn’t think I’d be able to say about Maroon 5 in 2012, a few years ago. Overexposed looks to be selling well (well enough for a number two slot in the U.S) and Payphone is still receiving a huge push. Check out the video which I love:

4) From four to eight, we have fun.’s We Are Young (if I had my way, fun. would have a song in the top ten until the end of time), Flo Rida’s Whistle (featured here!) and a Coldplay track (the first I bought from their new album actually. And Michael recently saw them live) with Rihanna. It has a killer video, so let’s check that out:

5) Rounding off the charts are Katy Perry and Cheryl (Cole) with Wide Awake and Call My Name, respectively. Call My Name hit number one a while back and is on the decline (though still played, like, everywhere) while Wide Awake is surging up in part thanks to it being new and in part because of her new film (career retrospective here!). They’re both great tunes and add a surprising variety to iTunes’ top ten today. Enjoy:

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