California – Oh Laura

2 Jul

(Oh) Laura

Howdy! I’ve finished with school for good, one of is already on vacation and I’ve a long stretch of . . . nothing in front of me. That all means one thing: I shall be imprinting my confused mix of indie/rock/dream/pop on you all summer long. The other guys have good music taste, but let’s face it: My music taste is tailor made for summer music. Fine, fresh, fierce, it’s undeniable:

We’re kicking things off this week with a fantastic band from Stockholm who previously hit it big with Release Me. One of my favourite, favourite things about Oh Laura is that they were originally called Laura. As in, without the ‘Oh’. I’ve spun through quite a few situations in which that prefix became necessary but it’s probably all because of googlability (a word, I assure you). Anyway, their latest album, The Mess We Left Behind, is fantastic; elegantly crafted and heartfelt. There’ll be a full album review later but today I leave with you California (what is it about that state?) which is perfect as the lead single off the record. It’s giddily restrained and boasts a chorus for which most Top 40 artists would kill. Enjoy: 

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