We Like To Stare – Aztecs

27 Jun

I actually heard about this song long ago, but couldn’t find anywhere to download it, so I had to contact the band personally and ask for it so I could write about it. Since then, things have been made much easier, and there is a free download link available (which I will grant you later in the post), but for now, read about the exciting talent that is Aztecs.

This song is absolutely perfect for my post-exams cheer up stage (which I feel like will be eternal). It’s refreshingly genuine and in my opinion really encapsulates a lot of what being young is about. I really like the lead singer’s voice and I think that it works with the rest of the track incredibly well. I feel like this is something that Michael would like, but because he never reads my posts he’ll never know I guess… Anyway’s take a listen!

Aaaaand I almost forgot! Here’s the link where you can find the song (and entire album) as a free download. Finally, I just thought you might find it cool to see where I first heard the song; in artist Yougo Jeberg’s amazing video Cruisin’ Is The Answer. Check out how well this works:

Cruisin’ Is The Answer — Yougo Jeberg from yougo jeberg on Vimeo.

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