The Longest Road (Deadmau5 Remix) – Morgan Page (feat. Lissie)

24 Jun

I have finally, FINALLY finished all of my exams. Thank goodness. After four in three days, I was ready to jump off a cliff. Having finally rid myself of urges that on another day might have led me to believe that I was a lemming, I can now provide you with a stream of glorious tunes.

This song is kind of old. 4 years old to be exact, but it doesn’t really matter because I like it a lot and it gets me in the mood for a post-exams party. I’m sorry, I can’t stop looking at that picture of Deadmau5 and wondering how he isn’t roasting in that giant face apparatus alone. The fiery inferno behind him probably doesn’t cool things down much either. Anyways, have a listen and a dance:

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