(More) Sounds That Are Helping Me To Stay Alive: A(nother) Downbeat Electronic Playlist to Wash Your Stress (Even Further) Away

14 Jun

I have been under the radar, but you’ll have to excuse me while I finish off what ranks among the worst weeks of my life. I thought I’d lift my head out of a book just long enough to give you the second part of my playlist full of relaxing tunes that manage to counterbalance my hair-pulling stress (to some extent). I really enjoyed writing the last playlist post because it was actually refreshingly easy to compile a list of songs that I love, and that I’ve been listening to recently. The hardest part was finding a picture to go with the post, and it was a similar challenge this time. So, like any struggling image hunter would, I’ve gone with a feline DJ. Time to sit back, relax, and here we go…

Crowns – Py & Greenwood Sharps

Wow… what is there to say about this? It’s 4 and a half minutes of shimmering bliss. Definitely one of my favorites right now. Get it on your iPod, download it for free by clicking here!

Night Owl – Beluga

This put me to sleep last night, and not because it was boring. The Bristol based DJ has created one of the must-have downbeat jams for this summer.

Only U – Heim

I’m running out of things to say for each song. This is bad. I usually can’t shut up. However, I shut up when this song comes on (which is only ever when I put it on because no one else has ever heard of Heim. Only U and me know about him now).

Takeover – ViLLΛGE

Awesome track that you can download completely for free by clicking here! Beautiful male and female vocal samples in this one that make it a must have.

So there you go. Four more songs to help you (and me) keep on living with the insurmountably stressful burden that are exams. Unless you are finished/don’t have them, in which case shhhhhh.

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