Chocolate – The 1975

13 Jun

We are way too busy right now to look for new music. Instead you get to enjoy the best music we have (but have had for a while).

The 1975 are a rising force and have a rad new EP out called Facedown on August 6th on Dirty Hit. You will be blown away by them then so why not familiarize yourself with them now before its too late and all of your friends come up to you and say “Have you heard about the 1975!?”

“Of course I fucking have – they’re amazing!?” Chocolate is the best song they’ve written to date and one of my favorites of the last few years across all music. So yeah, it’s good and the band are going to become musical demi-gods.

One Response to “Chocolate – The 1975”

  1. Christian Woynowski June 13, 2012 at 4:52 pm #

    I just saw that they will release a 4 track EP in August! But this song is missing! Where to get it in a good quality??

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