An Ode To JJ – Darren Vincent

13 Jun

Ah, Wednesday. Or ‘lo-fi-quirk-folk-pop’ as we’ve renamed it at Can You Hear This. Darren Vincent is a singer-songwriter from Glasgow who, luckily for us, specialises in that. And you know, that’s quite a good thing. Things have conpsired to be a bit too exciting recently. I’ve just had my last ever History paper and Latin shall be (sadly) written off soon. And in the world of politics, too! How surprised I was to read in The Times about a potential split between Church and State over my breakfast. Whatever your opinion, make your voice heard over here. And if you want a whistle-top tour of homophobia in pop music, here are our thoughts. Anyway, the point I’m trying to make (and it was laboured) is that things move quickly and sometimes it’s nice to take a break (though not particularly from the battle of equality, readers) and sink into the world of ‘lo-fi-quirk-folk-pop.’ Mr Vincent provides us with just that after the jump. Leave your troubles here, readers:

Take a listen, and bear in mind this is only one of two (!) that you download for free (!!):

This is so utterly soothing that it would be easy to sink into it without even listening to the lyrics. Fortunately, the song’s unravelled with an intelligence and a wit that belies its gentle nature. It’s a perfect mid-week antidote to any Wednesday woes and I imagine he would make a lovely live act. You’re all welcome.

You can grab Darren’s songs over here (for free!)


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