Streets In The Sky – The Enemy

8 Jun

The Enemy, after one great album (We’ll Live and Die in These Towns) and one really not so great (Music for the People) are back for the third time after four years. Find out if they rediscovered their magic after the jump.

Our score: 8.1/10

The Coventry four piece have got a lot of people who really don’t like them on the internet. Thankfully these people come across as awfully ignorant and horribly narrow minded so none of their criticism should carry any weight whatsoever.  Music for the People was pretentiously titled and a dud of an album. A great deal of plagiarism and a lack of much else left a bitter taste. This all after one of the best Britpop albums of the previous year!

Thankfully the boys have broken the rut. While not reaching the heights of their debut, Streets in the Sky is a good album that suggests some real longevity for the band after all. Maybe it’s down to the touch of Joby Ford in production or the prolonged break restoring their verve, but this is a much hoped for recovery.

The opening tracks are rampant and visceral songs. Gimme The Sign is too guitar heavy but by Saturday the band have finally found some rhythm. Reminiscent of Had Enough, it’s a cry of freedom and a song that would have fit perfectly on their first record.

1-2-3-4 is lovely and exciting if not that original, fit with a classically cliche chorus that somehow manages to work. 2 Kids is actually a real sweet song. Cautiously optimistic and with the usual angst pleasantly turned down, it shows some maturity three albums in and a good step forward for the group. (By the way, two songs starting with numbers on one album is inexcusable).

But fuck forward steps when the band can still write songs like Like a Dancer (sorry for gross repetition) because it’s fucking awesome! Ludicrously catchy and a proper rock ballad, it’s the easy highlight of the record.

The reality is that Streets in the Sky is The Enemy as they ought to be. If you didn’t like them six years ago, you’re not going to like them now. But if you did once, Streets in the Sky should be a good reason for you to start liking them again. Despite the odd slip-up (Bigger Cages just doesn’t really work) this is music that is truly for the people.

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