Some Nights (Now With Added Video)

7 Jun

N-Dawg (Nate)

Howdy co-mates in (blog) exile! A while back, I posted about fun.’s Some Nights and noted that it was an  ‘obvious follow-up from We Are Young.’ Well. I was right. They just released the video and it’s one of the best music videos that I’ve seen in the last few years. It’s powerful, urgent and urgently sincere. It merges war with an delicate love story, combined with military bombast and a few beautiful conceits (bath-time reading, hand running along fences). Look, you just have to watch this thing:

Man, I can’t quite express how much I love this song (and album).It’s here that I also note how much of an unremitting fan I’ve recently become of fun., Nate, Andrew and Jack. They’re both inspirational and artistically gifted; what’s more, they’re both of those things while staying hugely grounded. That’s what I gather from the 56 video interviews I’ve watched of them. Before I became so well-versed in their music, I noted that there were ‘overtones of Bohemian Rhapsody’ mixed in there. Turns out they’re huge Queen fans. So there you go. I’m both creepy and prophetic. A true Cassandra. 

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