Angels – Clams Casino

7 Jun

Great. So right after I post an absolute bible of relaxation, Clams Casino goes ahead and releases another album full of instrumentals that would have easily made it onto that post, thus undermining the entire idea of it being the best chilled out playlist post. Oh well, better late then never I suppose. This new stuff is… well… incredible.

Some of you might remember when I wrote about Clams Casino’s first release. He hit a home run with that, and to continue the baseball metaphor, he hit a grand slam with this. This gem has as many gorgeous tracks on it as you can shake a stick at. My absolute favourite has to be Angels, an instrumental from a Mac Miller song. Play this bad boy and become hypnotised:

Aaaaaanddddd… (drum roll please) Here’s your free download of the entire mixtape! Enjoy!

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