Clara – Stomacher (Album Review)

31 May

Happy Thursday audience. Stomacher have released their third album. Is it any good? Find out my thoughts after the jump.

In short, yes. But I’m sure you want it in long so we’ll do it your way. Stomacher are San Franciso’s answer to Interpol and the recent rise of the likes of White Lies and Hurts over on this (better) side of the pond. Jarrod Taylor’s five piece rock band, who I am a first time listener to, have successfully crafted a record to compete with any one of these three.

The husky vocals combined with strong guitar lines and well placed synth make Clara an album of pure, unadulterated indie rock. Their previous, Sentimental Education, undeniably had the beautiful Untitled/Dark Divider (above) to make it a record worth owning for anyone, but Clara is a big leap forward. Never is this more clear than on the band’s first single, Motel, a song packed full of musical drama. It’s a song that belongs on the poor quality, but always awesomely soundtracked, CW shows.

While this is the band most obviously playing to their strengths, my pick of the bunch comes in the form of the mellower and more classically U2 sounding Hounds. With the clear influence of the likes of The Killers and even a touch of Joy Division, it’s a super song that is unnervingly addictive.

Later on in the (slightly too short) LP comes The Flower Cart, a somber ballad that shows some real depth to the group’s abilities to make music, effortlessly striking an emotional chord. Overall a fine record leading me to wonder, why are we not being bombarded with Stomacher endlessly on our radio three albums in? With the release of Clara, it probably won’t be too long until I can stop wondering and we can all start listening.


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