Spun – Grouplove

29 May


This sunshine is almost unbearable – and not in a ‘I hate when the weather is happy’ grouchy way – because I’m stuck inside revising German nationalism and Virgil when I want to be outside lying in the sun/eating ice-cream. It’s cool, in a month’s time that’s what I’ll be doing. Until then I can only live vicariously through others. Step one: Grouplove’s Spun.

This reminds me of every summer I’ve ever had. It’s a heady mix of beach vacations, music festivals and overheated bus journies. It fills me with a near-unbearable longing for sun, sea and  . . . sunglasses. I think the top YouTube comment sums it up:

‘This video makes me so happy.

We were all accepted to our colleges/universities and had nothing to worry about parents nagging on about post-secondary education. We were so eager to face this next chapter of our lives.

The entire trip was funded by us. We had our first sweet taste of independence.

No more deadlines, no more structured routines,

but new places to see. The excitement of discovering something entirely fresh.

Youth is sweet.’

Quite. Enjoy the video:

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