Allein – Pryda

24 May

I’m finally off school and feel like celebrating! Here’s a song that get you in a mood to party with me, even though I have to go right back to school tomorrow in order to finish my art coursework. It feels like the work will never stop, and it most probably won’t. It’s probably a good idea to learn that now. 

Pryda is Eric Pyrz, probably best known for his “music video” that consisted of a flock of fit women doing gymnastics in shards of fabric that were apparently supposed to represent work-out clothes. Good excuse Eric. There wasn’t even a storyline. It was literally just women stretching. What is the world coming to? Oh well, I suppose I’ll forgive him if he keeps churning out stuff like this. It might take a little while to get going, but it’s well worth it in the end.


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