The Fractured Lullaby Of Holly Jealous – Blue Balloon

21 May

Up, up and away: Blue Balloon

A week of two halves for you, guys. I’ve got an awesome band for you today, Thursday and Friday but Wednesday and Tuesday will belong to Glee. It’s ending this week (season not series) and so I’ll publish a season review (highlights, grades et al) on Wednesday and post up a review of the Graduation album tomorrow. I’m balanced like that. Anyway, today we have Blue Balloon whose voice promises to deliver’a clear, heartfelt sigh that can rise to desperation and drop to a tremble in the space of a note.’ And on a Monday? Too much, you guys. Too much:

Robert Rorison’s musical counterpart, Blue Balloon has been around for a while, supporting Stornoway (whom I saw two summers ago) and First Aid Kit but he’s only just releasing his debut EP in the form of Hearts Are Pretty Heavy. The story of the record is equal parts disheartening and (I assume) vaguely inspiring but I don’t think it really matters. What’s important here is the presentation of Blue Balloon’s delicate but forceful vocals and witty lyrics (whose meaning, in this case, tends toward Marvell rather than any modern corruption). The Fractured Lullaby of Holly Jealous (mouthful) is a gentle but surprisingly urgent song that builds towards satisfyingly chanty choruses while maintaining a wispy undercurrent. I’ve listened to the whole record today – it’s complemented Beach House’s Bloom excellently – and it’s worth checking out especially the jaunty Led Balloon and fantastically named Talent Show Catastrophe Blues. Here’s The Fractured Lullaby Of Holly Jealous:

You can download the whole EP here.


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