Somebody That I Used To Know – fun.

17 May

sun. sun. sun.

Double time! My favourite band of the year (?) have covered the stand-out hit from 2012, Somebody That I Used To Know. You might’ve heard it. It’s everywhere. Also everywhere: fun.’s We Are Young. Below are the results of mixing two of the biggest artists of 2k12:



Nate (fun.) and Gotye have very different voices – and judging from YouTube comments, you’d think Nate sounds like a dying koala – but I think he’s great on this cover. I have a feeling that that’s Hayley Williams filling in for Kimbra but I’m not 100% sure. It was for Live Lounge so I could easily check. But I have a Shakespeare essay to which I must attend. And a nap after that. Enjoy your days!

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