With The Tide – The Soviet

9 May

It doesn’t take all that much to get a listen to on this blog. Send us an email (properly addressed, not “Hey there music blog” or something equally banal) or you could just like The 1975 on Facebook.

You see I go on their Facebook at least once a week to make sure I don’t miss the latest developments. Obviously they haven’t posted for more than a couple of weeks (shocking!) but I saw The Soviet on their wall. A band that likes The 1975 is one that I’m probably going to like.

And I was not disappointed. The New Jersey rockers are not actually much like Matt Healy’s boys. It’s more alternate rock but still very good. No unecessary frills in lead single, from the Wherewithal EP, With The Tide, just a strong beat, intelligent lyrics and well measured vocals. While it’s suitably somber given the band’s name (the Soviet Union wasn’t a hoot), it should be a perfect way to get you through these rainy weeks before the summer.

I’ve played it 34 times since this morning..


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