Overjoyed And The Reason For Remixes

8 May

I don’t normally buy singles. Why pay a pound more for six remixes that are almost inevitably worse than the original. I bought Overjoyed, Bastille’s first single. I don’t regret it.

I did at first mind. I wanted to support Dan and his band, having featured their music a ton the last couple of years but a couple of weeks after buying the whole single, I still hadn’t listened to any of it save for Overjoyed and Sleepsong. Changed that up yesterday and found two stunning remixes.

First, the Yeasayer remix. Inventive and stripped away, it begs for a good leg drumming and is a great take on the song. The Detour City remix at the end of the single is fucking awesome though. Added female vocals and a more indietronica vibe turns Overjoyed into a wonderful duet that had me singing along to in the car all of last night.

Are remixes better than the original version of the song? Normally I would say never. Today, I say different. Both of these remixes are just as rad as the original (note that I haven’t mentioned the other two remixes on the single that are not great…). Moral of the story => buy the whole single!

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