Fall for Your Type (feat. Drake) – Jamie Foxx

4 May

You see it has Drake in the title and you know it’s me. I just love him. There I said it. While rappers like Rick Ross come out with audacious and impractical declarations such as “I’ve got a chopper in the car,” I prefer Drake’s more heartfelt verses about his actual life experiences. Combine that with Jamie Foxx’s beautiful floating voice and you have something special.

I could listen to Drake complain for the rest of my life if it continues to be as beautiful as this. Yeah, it’s a little old but it still wows me and it’s whats been playing on my iPod for the past couple of days. Check it out. Oh, and I still can’t seem to get the image of a confused Rick Ross standing there scratching his head wondering how he’s going to get that damn helicopter out of his car.

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