Is This Love – Aiden Grimshaw

1 May

This is a horrid coincidence for my street cred. I’m writing about two music talent shows for two consecutive days. I’m really sorry but this song today is worthy of the inevitable mockery!

Remember Aiden Grimshaw? From the Matt Cardle crop on X-Factor, he had a wonderful voice but when he was voted out in just week 6, my sister and I feared that this was to be the last we would hear of the young man from Blackpool. I thought I would have been fine with that but after hearing his first single, I’m very glad that he has reentered our lives.

Frenetic and infectious, Is This Love typical of the best bits of pop music today. With an awesome beat and Grimshaw’s awesome falsetto, it’s a pop anthem that is sure to make it’s way to the top of the charts in the next few weeks. For now, you can listen above and help crank up the view count.

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