Put Those Things Away – Shark Tape

25 Apr

Decidedly not a shark, but points for fluffiness.

As a general rule, I enjoy anything to do with animals. Toothbrushes, jumpers and watches. All better with animals on. Bands, too. I know frustratingly little about Shark Tape (after some stalking, I’ve realised they’re from Philadelphia)  except they have a slick (but minimal) website and stupidly few likes on Facebook (that’s just how I rate my life, okay.) Anyway, let’s take a gander of their new EP after the jump.

The eponymous EP only has four tracks but seems to give a fairly detailed scope of the band’s sound. Also great: It’s free for the first two hundred downloads, so get in there quickly. Eyes of Mercy is part-anthem, part-White Lies (although those two things were never mutually exclusive) while Ambitions of a Lifetime presents itself as a The Smiths/Golden Silvers mash-up. I can’t quite shake the sheer britishness of their sound, which I don’t think completely owes to my London filtre. There seems to be an undercurrent of nostalgic, Brit-Pop sound in the 4 tracks. That they manage to make a well-worn genre seem so fresh and exciting is only to their credit. Which brings us to Joanne (almost my mother’s name, but Cajun Dance Party take the biscuit here.) Hell, this is super-catchy. It wouldn’t be amiss on a Mystery Jets record, or an XFM summer playlist. Listen to this now, and boast that you knew about these guys ages ago

Excitingly, the band also have a new video out which is completely endearing. I don’t know if video montage is going to be forever associated with Videogames in a post-LDR era, but I can’t think of any other words to describe this. They just seem to have a really groovy lifestyle:


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