Leviathan – Worship

24 Apr

I think I love indietronica. Like it literally always is amazing. It’s especially amazing when it comes from the best. Worship are the best so you’ll love what’s coming after the jump!

We featured Worship a few months ago as I came down off a love hangover and I wrote about how their music was able to really connect with me as well as entertain. That was for their first single, House of Glass. Since, they’ve doubled their Facebook following, got some way better promo photos and released a free download!

Leviathan is such a great song. Dark, brooding and utterly compelling, Worship are able to conjure up genuinely startling images with their music. Every line is so well placed and every note so delightfully employed that every second of the 222 in the song is worth savouring.

One Response to “Leviathan – Worship”

  1. Evang. Daniel Joshua April 24, 2012 at 3:10 pm #

    How can i be connected to the world of worship?

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