Snow Drift Love – Becoming Real (D/R/U/G/S Low Revolution remix)

23 Apr

You remember my Archive series? I was enjoying my little ride there, but unfortunately that had to be cancelled prematurely. Orders from the top you see, confidential stuff, all hush-hush. With that interlude over, let’s segue into this actual content: when you get Becoming Real and D/R/U/G/S on one track you know there’s going to be an upbeat ball of awesome:

It is a bit of a wait for the 1:30 bassline, but then the throbbing vocal overlay soon follows, and then the track really takes off from 2:00 as all of that expectation is released into a garage/house maelstrom. Perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea (a very British saying, I know), but makes a nice change of music, so slap this on in the background and enjoy increased productivity…

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