Learn To Crawl – Black Lab

19 Apr

Don’t type Black Lab into Google. All you get are search results about puppies. I guess that kind of sums up Black Lab’s unfortunate fall from reasonable grace. When I say ‘reasonable grace,’ I mean featuring on the Spiderman soundtrack, which is where I heard this song, which explains why it’s called Learn To Crawl, which was (perhaps unsurprisingly) played in the part of the movie where Spiderman learns to crawl, which is cool. 

I won’t lie, I haven’t listened to any of their other songs and I’m not planning to. I don’t want to open my mind even the slightest bit to the possibility that Black Lab are all that I wish them to be. It’s better this way. Trust me.

This is an awesome rock song, even if it was written for Peter Parker. There is no doubt about it. Feel free to try and crawl up buildings and hope that you can shoot strings of web from your hands by making a ‘rock on’ sign with your fingers. I feel like I can do it, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. Finally, just because I can, here’s a montage of Spiderman videos to the song. Enjoy.


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