Need Your Love – The Temper Trap

17 Apr

The Temper Trap: I've missed you guys!

Don’t you hate it when you find a new artist that you love and six months later people are telling to listen to the aforementioned artist because they’ve become huge. Well since pretty much everyone we back is destined to be huge so you probably know the feeling.

Anyway, the first time I remember this genuinely happening was with The Temper Trap (I’ll tell you right now this is definitely going to happen with Bastille). I remember Sweet Disposition playing during the season 2 finale of Greek and buying up everything I could – I even have a hard copy of Conditions. And then sure enough, eight months later everyone was humming Sweet Disposition. Joke. (I hope you all appreciate how I have varied my formatting so)

Despite The Temper Trap’s slightly irritating mainstream success, I do still fucking love them. Dougy Mandagi has a wonderful voice and their genre fusion has always blown me away, capturing genuine emotion in every song.

And now they have a new album (making me very glad to have driven to pick up my sister today and changed to Xfm)! Their second album will be self-titled and out on May 18th. On Friday, they released Need Your Love. It’s awesome. Like really so good – just puts such a smile on my face. And the video is highly entertaining – Karate Kid meets Australian electro-pop.

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