Breakdown – Darktown Jubilee

16 Apr

Hello audience. Sorry for our lack of posting – we’re sorting out getting a nice glimmering new website for you to enjoy! Anyway, music.

If Henry hadn’t done the excellent roundup of the charts last week I would have written about at least five of those songs. You tell me whether you’re glad or not to be saved that treat. Also last week, Jonah wrote about Morning Parade – they are quality so do give it a read. Shockingly, Bal didn’t write anything…

Excuse the preamble but I want to just highlight how much of my material was stolen from me and yet I’m still able to give you great music. Darktown Jubilee, to be fair, came to us. On Twitter (maybe it’s time you all start following…). The Manchester alternate rock band formed in 2010 and have just got stadium quality. Anthemic and guitar-driven, think U2/Oasis, Breakdown is their first single (from the album The World, the Flesh & the Devil) and it’s a cracker.

So there you have it, perfect evidence that you need to follow us on Twitter…


One Response to “Breakdown – Darktown Jubilee”

  1. Resurrection May 16, 2012 at 8:21 am #

    What a great tune. Just downloaded the album from iTunes, it’s full of belters.

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