Checking in on the iTunes charts

13 Apr

Thank whomever you want to for those shorts.

Increasingly all the music to which I listen is fairly old – and therefore boring (for blog purposes) – so I ventured into the iTunes top 10 for you guys today. Here’s what I learnt:

1) The chart is sandwiched between two middling-to-extremely differing singers, Carly Rae Jepsen and Azealia Banks. For what’s it’s worth, I enjoy both singles a lot. Of the former, this is my favourite review (although I quibble with the ‘terrible lyrics’ tag): ‘And when it’s ridiculously over-produced, up-tempo bubblegum pop with terrible lyrics on a beautiful day in Chicago when I’m wearing pink pants, I just kind of want to start skipping around handing my number out to random bros, you know?’ 

2) It’s completely okay  that Gotye is still at Number 8; however sick you are of that song, it’s just so damn heartening. (Although we did predict this. Just sayin’)

3) Also completely okay: a rock song (We Are Young) is in second place. Okay, ‘rock’ is debatable – and I think I have debated that somewhere over here – but it remains fantastic nonetheless.

4) People only really buy Nicki Minaj when she’s an all-out popstar. And man, that Starships track is kinda whacky in parts, no? Lullaby-cum-pop songs always are.

5) Sean Paul is still a player apparently. How old is he anyway? Maybe time for an evolution. 

6) For the rest; there’s a Justin Bieber track, an Usher track called Climax (because, yeah) and a Chris Brown song. Man, Usher’s cool:

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