Headlights – Morning Parade

11 Apr

Ah Los Angeles. How relaxing you are. I always find it funny how I come across some of my favorite music. Sometimes it’s on a TV show or in a movie, sometimes it’s from hearing things on the radio. Sometimes it’s just friends telling friends what they’ve been hearing lately. However, I found Headlights by Morning Parade yesterday, on a bicycle in hectic LA traffic, while waiting for a red light to turn green. An overweight, middle-aged man was blasting this song with the windows down and I thought it sounded good, so I memorised some of the lyrics and hey presto:

What’s cool about Morning Parade is that they were all close friends before they formed a band. It took them less than 20 gigs before they were picked up and signed to Parlophone Records. You’ll see why when you listen to this bad boy. This guitar driven song has rhythm and punch, but is still profound. They’ve found the perfect balance with some nifty harmonies shoved in there also. I’ll forgive you if you blast this one with your windows down. Just don’t go as far as The Wanted. Check out the music video below:

If that’s not quite enough, here’s frontman Steve Sparrow performing an awesome live acoustic version of the song:

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