Feeding Michael’s Wanted Obsession (And Maybe Mine)

10 Apr

Can you spot the awkward one? Boyband rule of five, yo.

Michael’s selling out, you guys. Exhibit A: Sunday’s post. There are other pieces of evidence but major case of CBA, ATM. Ever since Happy Endings, my use of slang has shot way high. I originally entitled this post ‘Feeding Michael’s Wanted Obsesh.’ Anyway, he’s a big fan of The Wanted. There is nothing wrong with that, I’ve always preached against ‘guilty pleasures’ and ‘selling out’; there’s nothing wrong with either. Double anyway, they have a new song out. Chase it after the jump (pun slightly funnier when you know the song title.):

The Wanted revealed their glossy new song the other day (accurate journalism right here) and it fills a Glad You Came shape hole in your heart (if a) that’s a hole you had and b)Glad You Came really ever went away.) But if this is a cycle into which The Wanted are going to fall: release a huge summer single, wait for America to catch up, release another huge summer single that transcends a single season; I’m not complaining. Call me back (really don’t) in a few months after my 74th listen and ask my opinion. Chances are, I’ll still accept it wholeheartedly.

2 Responses to “Feeding Michael’s Wanted Obsession (And Maybe Mine)”


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