Queen Of Hearts – The Macanoes

8 Apr

I’ve become a major sell-out over the last couple of weeks. It all started with The Wanted. It has escalated dramatically, as I write this intro I’m listening to Sean Paul. But fret not audience, I still like decent music as well.

And decent music is what I’m going to write about. Major love to anyone who has put in the tough shift of following The 1975 over the last year and The Macanoes have done. And there reward for sharing The 1975 page is that people in the know (like me) can share their quality music.

With assured indie charm, it’s a loving throwback to The Kooks of old. Minimal frills because they just aren’t needed with strong vocals and a catchy tune. This is only a rough demo as well people – can someone please sign them and get a EP out so we can show some love and buy some records!?


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