The Ruler And The Killer – Kid Cudi

30 Mar

Don't you fuck with Katniss.

Sad times, my friends. This is the penultimate Hunger Games soundtrack review. A few things: Slate’s complete coverage of THG is fantastic, check it out pronto. Also great: This piece by Bim Adewunmi for The Guardian about a few fans’ racist reaction to THG casting. It’s all true and segues into the oft-interesting argument about casting in general. It seems lots of the cinema-going public is still (perhaps unknowingly) racist when it comes to casting. Tributes for a television show where kids kill each other aren’t real. Black people are. And finally: Check out fun.’s Some Nights. It’s truly, truly brilliant. I’ll follow up some reviews later. See you later today for the final installment of our THG review.

If I were to take up any physical activity at all, this would definitely be on my playlist. It’s a really smart track that’s perfectly designed for the thrill of the Hunger Games’ arena. Okay, the base track is equally apt for an Adidas advert (speaking of, here’s their latest: Go Olympics!) as well as the film but the lyrics add a dystopian edge. The Capitol sucks, man. 

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