Taylor Swift’s Hunger Games

30 Mar

Tribute from District 13? Swift takes on The Hunger Games. Impractical arena gear.

Yo. It’s Friday (good) and we’ve come to the end of THG soundtrack and landed on Taylor Swift’s contributions (better! Maybe.) Jump the jump for more detail (it probably wouldn’t be hard.)

First up, here’s her track with the Civil Wars, Safe & Sound. It’s pretty good! I think this would have been in the context of (SPOILER) Rue dying which makes it tug at your heartstrings a tiny bit more. It’s fairly bleak for a lead single but it works and it’s more than serviceable. It’s actually quite beautiful and it’s beyond impressive that the song never feels too cloying given the sentiment. 

Next up is Taylor’s Eyes Open, a perfect fit for Katniss’ time in the arena. Listening to this is like listening to a condensed recap of Katniss’ narrative throughout the entire first book. Keep looking good for the cameras (we need those parachutes you guys), don’t cry (too much- obvs breakdown RE Rue was super endearing) and always be vigilant (you never know when Glimmer’s going to turn up. Like a deadly disco-ball.) Anyway, listen, enjoy, have good weekends:

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