Come Away To The Water – Maroon 5 ft. Rozzi Crane

28 Mar

Jeez, there were lots of ‘likes’ and ‘Henrys’ in yesterday’s post: I approve. I don’t approve of Michael’s mocking my HG addiction. The film was so good. And not just in a ‘they did quite a good adaptation.’ It was really, really good. Anyway, I’m pulling 3 more tracks from the soundtrack and here’s a Maroon 5 one heading at you.

First off: How excited are you for Maroon 5’s new album? I am beyond.  Anyway, this was a neat little addition to THG soundtrack. It’s a little more Runaway than Moves but I’ll take that. Maybe I even prefer that. A twist in every one of these posts, I tell ya. See you tomorrow. 

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