The Stand – Waiting On Jack

27 Mar

Does a caption make up for my absences?

I, like Henry, have been posting poorly. I, like Henry, have been to see the Hunger Games. I, unlike Henry, am not in love with a movie/book/dystopia (I’ve been busy in the real world). I, back to being like Henry, am going to try to make it up to you with the best Scotland can offer.

So I got into Twin Atlantic this week (I’ll blog them in the future I’m sure) but most of their appeal came down from their voices. Who doesn’t love hearing some Scottish accompanying guitars? That’s right, no one. Anyway, Waiting on Jack, with the Dykeenies gone, are now comfortably my number one group from North of the border. With some strong releases before the new year (Twenty Nine below), the band looked well set for 2012. With The Stand, they look ready to fucking smash 2012.

The boys from Fife have sure come a long way. I recall contacting Jack, of Waiting on Jack, and asking for band photos to which he replied they don’t have any. Why this anecdote? Because I find it really remarkable that a band of genuine pedigree didn’t have any (I realise that I probably get more enjoyment out of that story than you audience). They now have 3.

Why the change? Well it’s clear from first listen. Driving verses, anthemic choruses and a ton of alternate rock charm make this a breath of fresh air for anyone praying for the likes of Taio Cruz just to fuck off. And with a tidy, well-produced music video and a concert with Glasvegas later in the year, we hopefully won’t be waiting too much longer for Waiting on Jack (sorry, that’s a weak word play).

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