Stay Useless – Cloud Nothings

20 Mar

Here’s a cool little number that I heard over the weekend and thought you might like to hear. Cloud Nothings are a four-piece indie band from Cleveland, Ohio that starting playing music as a light hearted way to amuse themselves between college classes. Needless to say, it got even more amusing when the world realised how talented they were and their music started getting more and more recognition.

Stay Useless is an upbeat little song that sounds like it was made in a garage. In a good way. It comes off of their album Attack On Memory, that was released in January of this year. Although some may find it a little repetitive, I happen to think it’s a lot of fun. It sounds a little… messy, but trust me it all works. Take a listen below, and if you really like it, download it for free from Rolling Stone!

One Response to “Stay Useless – Cloud Nothings”

  1. mattneric March 20, 2012 at 12:06 am #

    Yep, this whole album is great!

    If you’re interested:

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