Someone Purer – Mystery Jets

16 Mar

And so, to the second part of the English-indie postings, following on from Standard Fare (here), but this time moving on towards recognisability. Three albums in, and 8 years later, the band are working on their fourth album Radlands. Alas, compared to the upbeat electro feel of their last album, Serotonin, this song feels much more like a traditional return to their roots, but all the while keeping that up-tempo feel:

Born again as someone else, someone kinder, someone surer, someone beautiful, someone purer. The beautiful, anthemy chorus keeps begging me to mash the replay button: the faith placed in the future reflects the general human doubt in that we can always be better, that tinge of feeling that says we can be elevated to ever-greater heights. Feeling suitably spiritual/grandiose, I’m ready to take on another day of faces, music and soul-searching.

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