Stars & Stripes – Blonde Louis

13 Mar

Frankly it’s a joke that when I mention a young boyband that people cannot resist saying that I mean One Direction. There have been other boybands in the world – don’t any of you remember A1!? They fucking rocked.

Anyway, the reason I start with this semi-interesting anecdote is because Blonde Louis are back and looking set to absolutely smash 2012. A few of us had the pleasure of seeing Josh Clarke and his boys rip it up with the Dykeenies (RIP) at the end of last year and they promised big things. You can bet your house at this point that those things are going to be delivered.

Let’s kick off with the music. Two great songs have come out in the last few weeks from the boys. Levez Vous, with a cracking chorus and a rampaging beat does an awesome job of epitomising their youthful energy (which you can clearly see in the piccy above!). Stars and Stripes though is next level. It feels so instantly familiar and will appeal to Capital fm listeners and hipsters alike. And I fucking love the percussion.

But it’s not just about their music right now. With an awesome set of three gigs which are known as the Crush series, it will be Blonde Louis night at Club 85, Hitchin until the month is out. If you live anywhere near Hitchin, make your way to one of these nights. New songs, fireworks and My Vessel playing at First Crush this Friday, it will  rock your asses off.

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