Seafarer – Tennis

6 Mar

I had a middling to fairly awful week so it wasn’t exactly a Thank God It’s Friday moment but instead a Thank God It’s The New Week moment with which I woke up today. Anyway, it’s coinciding with a bit of a musical detox which is fairly rare for me. I’m pretty trad with my tastes and they don’t change too often, largely because they’re pretty broad. But Jazz has taken over my life. And not even in a temporary ‘I’ve decided to start jogging’ form. 90% of music I listen to now is probably from a saxophone. And as much as I would love to blog about all of it, there are a few problems. 1) It’s all fairly old and I’m very aware that people come to this site for new music (Although the alarming rate at which Michael finds, listens to and writes about bands is incredible and surely must offset when I decide to blog Sam Cooke.) 2) It might not be to everyone’s taste, Hancock’s Watermelon Man isn’t exactly a tune universal. I don’t even know where this is going now but it’s somewhere along the lines of ‘my musical taste has majorly diversified and there might be a few changes.’ Which is quite vain of me to think you would care but alas, vanity is all quoth the blogger.

That segway has little contextual relevance to my featured song but I spent about forty minutes trawling my iTunes to find anything which is a slightly less compelling story than the brief history of my life in Jazz. This post is still going nowhere except perhaps into the running for my most rambled writing ever (which, for a pretty rambler writer, is fairly remarkable.) Anyway, I fell back on an old favourite: Tennis.Tennis are in a playlist alongside Angus & Julia Stone which pretty much sums them up in a deeply shallow (oxymoron!), reductive manner. They’re summery and emphasise the few glimmers of sunshine that British February throws us. They also have a new album out but I haven’t listened to it yet, and when I’m still enjoying their first album, I’m in no great hurry.  

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