Youth – Daughter

5 Mar

I went to Ben Howard a week and a half ago. It blew my mind. He rocked the house. But I also saw Daughter, who turned out to be the best support act one could hope for. See why after the jump.

Fuck me are they good. The trio are growing in fame and success every day  and it’s hard to think of a reason why don’t deserve to be chart toppers. I guess they probably don’t have the Lady Gaga look so that might hold them back (I know nothing about pop music so forgive my poor attempt at a semi-joke). The bassist even plays the drums at the same time, that’s pretty bad-ass.

Most of their songs have something uniquely excellent about them. When the album comes out I’ll give all of them my opinion (HINT: it’s going to be favourable). But seriously, Youth is such a good song. Amazing lyrically, made all the better thanks to Elena Tonra wonderful voice, but the bridge between choruses and verses is what does it for me. The crashing piano and drums just sounds so gooooood! It first plays at 1:04 if you want to see what I mean.

I like Daughter.


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