Call Me Up – Standard Fare

29 Feb

This has been in the works for far too long, as I had completely forgot that I had started on this post, only to see it sneak up in my drafts! So, without further ado, here comes a bit of encroachment on Michael’s UK-indie territory with Standard Fare, a lovely trio from Sheffield:

So you’ve heard the music, but what about the name? Well, keeping true to their origins, it is a mundane reason in that one of the band members, Emma Kupa, saw the two words on a bus in Newcastle. So far, so normal? Well, yes and no. The ability of the band to convey normality in an exciting way is what really draws me to their sound, as lyrics such as from the dancefloor, to your front-door, to the contours of your skin is both insanely catchy but also recognisable for the average listener.

Buy their latest album ‘Out of Sight, Out of Town.’ here.

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