Sparkly – Young Magic

27 Feb

This week has been a tough week. Getting back to school is never fun but despite getting back to the ever-present mountain of homework that perpetually hangs above my head, I managed to stumble across a gem of a song with an amazing piece of album art!

Sometimes you just need to relax. You know, chill. There’s a lot of music that helps you do just that. This song definitely falls under that chillwave kind of a genre. Electronic with some soaring harmonies, the wider success of artists such as Washed Out has clearly been a springboard for the success of other similar artists. Young Magic has produced something really nice here. It has a kind of tribal feeling with an incessant drum beat that intensifies the dreaminess. I always find it difficult to talk about these songs because you can’t really get a feel for it unless you do the smart thing and listen!


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