Chapel Song – We Are Augustines

13 Feb

While I, along with my companions on this blog, always try to bring you the best music as soon as it shows its face, sometimes we are too slow. I’m guilty of that so accept my attempt at making up for it after the jump.

We Are Augustines are probably the best band I’ve heard this year. Their album was probably the best album of 2011 and their music is probably the best thing in my life right now. That’s high praise isn’t but they are outrageously good! Rise Ye Sunken Ships was their debut LP and came out 6 months ago. How I hadn’t heard it then I don’t know.

The New Yorkers pretty much put together a perfect album, every song is faultless. Billy McCarthy’s vocals are breathtaking and their song writing is truly heart-felt. The record heavily influenced by McCarthy’s background, Book of James is a perfect tribute to his late brother. Nothing tops Chapel Song for me, about being left behind in love, its spectacular song with a beautiful video. Probably the best way you could  ever start a week.

Also, it’s amazing that McCarthy is flipping the camera off every second of the video.


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