Waiting For My Day To Come – Noah & The Whale

9 Feb

Noah and his ark: Minus Laura, natch.

I’m faintly surprised we don’t feature Noah & The Whale more often on the blog. Their latest album is as note-perfect as they’ve ever been but the last time we mentioned them was way back last February (!) when I made some prophecies about the Top 40. Looking back, those guesses were pretty solid. Rolling In The Deep did pretty well, right? And I think I heard that Katy Perry track about aliens somewhere about the place. Noah & The Whale didn’t quite make the impact that I was hoping for and I can’t quite understand why. Last Night On Earth is superb! Listening to Waiting For My Chance To Come, I couldn’t work out why it hadn’t been released as a single. How wrong I was! It was released as their 4th single but only peaked at at 185. Britain, what’s wrong with you? Here’s the video:

Fun (ish) fact after the jump:

Noah & The Whale (or at least a few of its members) were at my 8th birthday party! It’s fun having family/school/somehow-related musical friends because I can safely say I knew all about them before that Laura Marling single. That said, it’s still a pretty fun song. Happy Wednesday:


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