Alone In Our Ideas – Mutineers

8 Feb

So as you may have noticed, we’re tweeting lots now. I hope you noticed, if you didn’t, click on the twitter sign and start following us. You’ll see why after the jump!

Not only are you being treated to the latest gossip from the world of your CanYouHearThis writers but you’re also being given cracking musical tips that don’t always make their way to the blog! The music today isn’t a tip we made but a tip we got from twitter. The number of followers we get a week is literally over 2 so we give our new ones a good check up.

Mutineers, what can we say, stoked you’re following us but we’re all the more stoked that your music happens to rock as well! Kicking around the Manchester music scene for a couple of years now, they’re infectious indie pop is a dream for those of us hankering for a revival (if you don’t know what I’m referring to its because you don’t care enough)! Alone in our Ideas is the top track from their 2010 album Friends, Lovers, Rivals. Some quality rhyming lyrics and a cracking rhythm, it’s what makes alternative music so worthy of us standing fans!


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